Welcome to Endurance Church!
So Glad You're Here!
We desire Endurance Church to be the most welcoming and friendly place in West Plains! Our hospitality begins the moment someone enters our driveway and continues weeks after their first visit. Each week, guests and regular attendees alike are greeted by our Car Parking Attendants, as they are directed safely to a parking spot. Then they are welcomed at the doors by Door Greeters. Once inside, our Point Guards offer a smile, handshake, and information to those walking around the foyer.
We also have a Hospitality Center, complete with free coffee, lemonade, and doughnuts. While entering the sanctuary, we have Bulletin Passers positioned at the doors and greeters waiting just inside to help everyone find an available seat. Once seated, our Row Hosts walk throughout the sanctuary and welcome everyone that has come for the morning’s service. We ask all of our first-time guests to fill out some information so that we may contact them in the weeks following their first visit. We like to make a personal phone call, send a letter, and a postcard inviting our guests back to a luncheon held in their honor.